Serena Cekan, PhD

Welcome! We are in a time of great change, which gives us many opportunities to learn. I believe we have two choices - to drown in fear, despair, anger or sadness or to choose to look at our lives with an open mind, with gratitude for what we have and what it can teach us. If we focus on fear, we will get what we focus on -- fearful people, events and thoughts can surround us. If instead we have a faith in a Higher Power (Spirit, God, Karma, whatever you call it), then we can rest peacefully, knowing ‘it will be fine’, relying on Spirit to take care of us beautifully right now. Consider looking beyond this single lifetime. If you do, we can glimpse that everything within and around us is there to serve us: to heal past wounds within, to reconcile with those around us, to find the most joyous work, to be happy do and so for others…

We are all healers. Through our own families, colleagues, friends and work, we can heal others.  I believe my path is to help my clients clear out confusion and despair and magnify the healing you offer the world.  For we are magnificent beings, that we came here to love, to serve, to learn and to teach. I hope you:

  • Experience your joy, health and life purpose fully;
  • Heal your physical and energetic body, bringing your chakras of ‘chi’ - universal energy - back into balance and joy;
  • Meet your angels/spirit guides;
  • Remember that every lifetime has a higher purpose and that your body is your ally;
  • Remember you are divine, your soul has beauty and joy to spare and to share.

I offer four paths: Past-life Spiritual Regression, Psychic Reiki, Spirit Channeling and Energy Clearing.  I am happy to refer you to other healers for treatments that may further your journey back to wholeness and happiness.  I offer my healings in person in the Washington DC area or at a distance with a photo and phone call. May I be of service… Come, remember you came here to be magnificent!

Serena was a guest on "“Your Body Your Business Your Health”, a Baltimore cable TV show in 2010. She was so pleased to be asked to showcase her past-life regression work! She is advertized in Pathways Magazine.

Spiritual past life regression helps illuminate past and current choices and decisions, by returning to one or more of your past life experiences. Through a visualization process I lead, you can return to experience one or more past lives.  You will meet and draw on the guidance of your Angels/ Spirit guides to apply lessons from that life-time to this one.

Reiki is a process of balancing energy in our seven 'chakras' to optimize well-being and health. Reiki harnesses the movement of 'chi' energy. You and I will work together to 'see' (and often feel) blocked chakras and ease energy flowing throughout and around your body.  

Spirit Channeling gives you access to your Angels/ Spirit Guides through me. I will go into a light trance and will invite them to speak to you through me.  They likely have specific messages about how your life is progressing and can answer questions.

Energy Clearing is a psychic process where I clear any energy that can be attached to you that is draining to you. It can come from people you currently know or spirits who have attached themselves. Physical spaces can also be cleared from negative energy.

Some clients need one or more of these healings. For instance, at times, blocked energy needs to be cleared by a Reiki session before proceeding to a Regression. At other times a Channeling will lead to a Regression or may lead to a referral to a different healer. I offer Spiritual Regression and Reiki to you to maximize your healing, joy and ease.

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